about David Bogle

Light and reflections from custom-fabricated window designed and fabricated by David Bogle, Aledo Texas, 1986.

David Bogle has over three decades experience practicing and teaching architecture and urban design. His professional focus is “everydaylight”, or natural illumination, in new, adaptive-reuse, and heritage building designs. He worked in New York City for over seventeen years where he was the project architect for award-winning, complex, and large-scale projects such as an adaptive reuse project for Lighthouse International, the preeminent organization for the visually impaired. Bogle founded Syncro Architecture Studio in 1997 building a steady clientele with multiple projects for Lighthouse International, Columbia University’s Barnard College, independent schools, as well as custom homes. While practicing architecture, Bogle has advocated for and participated in numerous community design initiatives and public charrettes, offering public service and pro bono consulting and design for underserved individuals and communities.

Bogle regularly enjoys roasting coffee and making pizza for his wife, teenage son, and daughter. He pursues his passions for photography and sailing every chance he gets.